Discreet, yet firm and effective

We have significant experience in the difficult and sensitive area of consumer collections. Working with councils, landlords, and multi-sector businesses both large and small.

As the debt collection sector is heavily regulated, we take compliance very seriously. We aim to recover all debts owed to you whilst ensuring debtors consumer rights are not compromised.

Treating customers fairly underpins our whole approach to consumer debt recovery. Our processes are designed to nurture agreeable customer outcomes whilst maximising return for our clients. Our firm, yet sensitive method protects the well-being of individuals and safeguards the reputation of our clients.

Working closely with you to understand your customer in detail and the background of the debt, we will advise on the various routes available and together we will agree the best collection process to put in place.

Open and transparent communication is critical for the success of consumer collections, particularly during the negotiation process with the debtor. Our multi-channel approach ensures the greatest prospect of engaging with customers and encourages openness which in turn secures positive outcomes.

Why use our consumer collections services?

  • We work persistently, yet fairly to recover all debts in a timely manner.
  • Our experts have the skills to negotiate the best outcome in difficult situations.
  • We can offer tracing services to locate absconding customers if required.
  • 24/7 real time information available through our secure online portal.
  • We can issue legal proceedings, if necessary, with your authorisation.

At Camelot Credit Solutions we are proud of our sympathetic approach to consumer debt collection, which enhances the customer experience, protects the client brand and reputation and minimises bad debt write-off provisions.

To find out more about our consumer collection services, please speak to a member of the team by calling 01329 801300 or email debt@camelotcredit.co.uk.