A refreshingly transparent approach to debt management

At Camelot Credit Solutions, we use a state-of-the-art software platform, to deliver dynamic and transparent debt management solutions – compliantly.

Our aim is to provide real-time, detailed information to allow our clients to review the status of any debt or instruction, at any given time, from anywhere around the world.

The intuitive and transparent tool makes debt management straight-forward and simple. Our secure portal, with industry-level security, allows you to prioritise the collection of debts and make informed decisions on how far to pursue your debtors.

With 24/7 access available from any device, you can keep track of all your cases whenever and wherever suits you, and because our software is cloud-based, you can be assured that your data is always protected and will be there when you need it.


We simplify your credit management administration by providing a complete case history, with every stage of the collection process recorded as well as the ability to download various real-time reports.

Effortless communication

We know the importance of open and transparent communication in our industry. As such, our system enables timely and consistent messaging between both parties, ensuring you’ll always be updated with our progress.

24/7 secure access

Whenever, wherever and from any device, you can review the status of any instruction in real-time. You’ll just need a unique login to access our highly secure portal, which you’ll receive once we have been instructed.

Flexible and scalable

Our system allows you to easily refer new cases and instruct us on existing ones. Simply add a new debt and we’ll get notified instantly to start the collection process immediately. There are no limitations to the number of instructions that can be uploaded.

Control & visibility

A personalised dashboard provides you with real-time details of your current debtors. You can view all written communication between us and your debtors and any relevant court correspondence, as well as fees and payments incurred to date.


We know that time is money. Our user interface is a combination of design simplicity and advanced capabilities making our system intuitive and easy to use, therefore reducing the time and money often required in staff training.

To find out more about our debt recovery services, please speak to a member of the team by calling 01329 801300 or email debt@camelotcredit.co.uk.