Commercial Collections

FACT - Once a third party is involved in pursuing a debt, the debtor pays faster

Prompt collection of outstanding debt is vitally important to all businesses especially SMEs who are often neglected by the debt collection industry who fail to offer suitable support.

With this in mind Camelot Credit Solutions is proud to offer a bespoke collections service that is geared to your needs and flexible to your requirements. We actually listen to your frustrations and provide sound commonsense advice as to how best to collect your outstanding debt.

We are not a call-centre operation that allows the debtor to confuse or abuse the collection process or your payment terms that can result in delays in obtaining payment.

We fully appreciate each debt is personal to you regardless of value and your input is invaluable to the success of the collection.

Our collection routines commence with a brief discussion to agree an action plan, followed by written and verbal communication with the debtor to obtain payment in full or extract an agreement to pay. We keep you informed at all stages and monitor payments to ensure any payment plan is kept to.

Should the debtor avoid any direct contact with us or fail to comply with any payment plan then we offer the facility to send a final letter. This informs them that either a petition for 'Winding-up' or 'Bankruptcy' will be issued.

So if you have any overdue accounts stop worrying, contact us and let us get on with the job.